Expect the Xtreme.

Xtreme Service. Xtreme Skill.

Xtreme Environmental Services is not your average cleanup crew.

Xtreme Truck

Your Xtreme Partner

We offer a wide variety of services to clean, control, manage, maintain, and even move your business and property with ease.

Our experienced team provides solutions and services designed to keep your workplace safe, clean, efficient, and compliant, while minimizing your risk and protecting human health. From our industry-best environmental services and training programs to our quality property management and HVAC repairs, we’re proud to be a dedicated partner to businesses and properties across the state of Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Xtreme Cleaning Crew

Let us put our expert knowledge to work for you.

Xtreme Environmental Services is your one-stop shop to keep your business and property in peak condition. With years of varied industry experience, our team can handle everything from chemical cleaning and waste removal to machinery repairs and even property management. You could say we know a lot, about a lot!

Industrial Services

From maintaining property and machines to drainage solutions and industrial cleaning, we can keep your site running smoothly.

Crane/Boom Truck Services

We have a dedicated staff of crane truck operators ready to provide you with high quality service.

Property Management

A wide range of management services designed to keep your properties clean, safe, attractive, and profitable.

Training and Consulting

Expert training and consulting programs help you develop a workforce that’s highly trained and focused on safety.

Land Clearing and Excavation

Our crew has the equipment to safely remove trees, weeds, bushes, junk, construction debris (and more!) from your property.

Cleanup – Environmental and Remediation

Smart and responsible cleanup options that keep your workplace – and the environment – clean and compliant.

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